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Sunken Tribes - NFT Collection

It’s 2064, global warming has set sea levels to unprecedented levels, engulfing towns and cities.


With almost all of the Earth now underwater, a new era of conflict and violence pursues. Dark Ocean Warlords and their tribes (criminals with their own unique identity), plan to invade the oceans and inflict terror to each sunken city.


A rebellion of highly trained Cichlid Bounty Hunters, tasked by the Senate are missioned to seek out the criminal underworld, to restore law and order.


Secure your Sunken Tribe NFT today to ensure you’re ready for the rise of the criminal underworld.


Cichlid Bounty Hunters

Phase 1


About Sunken Tribes.

Sunken Tribes is a Limited Edition of NFT tokens minted on ETH which acts as a membership to the community. The roadmap includes a membership wallet where dividends will be shared with members and Metaverse gamification. The first phase of minting will publish the hunters (Cichlid Bounty Hunters) with optional weaponry ready for the Metaverse.

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Our Values

Integrity.           Passion.        Community.

The NFT's will be minted in 3 phases. 


Phase 1 -  5000  Bounty Hunters (The Hero's) 

Phase 2 - 5000  Criminals (The Villains)

Phase 3 -   200   The Warlords  (The Lords of the Underworld) 

Meet the team 

Richie  - Founder and Social Media

Si  - Website and Comms

Han - Developer

Jim - Gaming and Community 

Rio - Developer

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After the Cichlid Bounty Hunters NFT collection minting, the next Sunken Tribes release will be its Criminals. A collection of the most ruthless contract killers across the ocean. The third release will be the Dark Ocean Warlords, a limited edition of the Sunken Tribes Lords and Leaders.

Who will you choose, the hunters or the hunted?


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Future Release 

Phase 2

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Next Release 


Phase 3

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Our vision is to scale Sunken Tribes into a global brand. We will evolve the characters, tribes and cities and oceans to deliver exploration, adventure and battles across the oceans.

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Sunken Tribes will allocate 35% of the revenues back into development to assist in the growth of the brand. This will include creating new characters, adventures, merchandise, gaming and events.

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The opportunity to interact with these characters are endless and the plan is to bring Sunken Tribes to life with 3D animation, gaming, official merchandise, art and other mediums in the future.

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A Sunken Tribes play-to-earn game will be available in the Metaverse. Players can: 

1) Create a new Breed of Tribe.

2) Trade as part of the Sunken Tribe marketplace.

3) Unlock and earn rewards.  

Further details will be available via the Discord community.

Plane Wreck

How to Join


Sign up to Discord

We look forward to welcoming you to the Sunken Tribes Discord Community.


Secure your Wallet

Download and install a MetaMast wallet to securely store your NFT's and other crypto.


Purchase Ethereum

To buy your NFT you need to convert your currency to Ethereum you can do this at a crypto exchange like Coinbase.


Buy on Opensea

The Sunken Tribes NFT's are available to buy on Opensea. Buy your NFT today whilst stocks last.

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fish bones.png


Sunken Tribes is a community of like minded individuals seeking to explore, protect and do battle together. Our mission is to develop Web3 and other creatives (online and physical) focusing on the Sunken Tribes NFT ecosystem. We are also keen to collaborate with other organisations and individuals, to enhance the capabilities and brand.

Sunken Tribes will invest 5% of the minting royalty profits into a Community Wallet. This fund will grow over time and shared with the Sunken Tribes members.


Please fell free to join the Sunken Tribe discussion on Discord.  

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